• 10Feb2017

    Water Leak Detection: The Method and Its Usefulness

    Water Leak Detection: The Method and Its Usefulness

    Every water system world-wide leaks to some degree. Water leaks can occur anytime and   anywhere. Any water system on any type of property is susceptible to leak. Things get worse when those leaks are small and even unnoticed into the ground below where no one ever sees them. A water system experiences majority of water losses due to invisible leaks. These can go unnoticed unless routine leak detection surveys are carried out.

    Why Water Leak Is Caused?
    Environmental factors such as humidity and wind can cause leaks. Small cracks can occur in water pipes due to frequent weather changes. The other most common reason for water leak is construction. When underground pipe locating and mapping are not proper, the contractor can’t understand the existence of the pipe and as a result the water lines get hit causing leaks. Water leakage can occur around household also. Deteriorated caulk on pipes connecting to the sink, toilet, or washing machine can happen over time.

    Why Water Leak Detection Is Required?

    In large facilities and water distribution systems, undetected leaks result in huge expenses. Invisible leaks only get worse and eventually create an emergency. They do not fix themselves until and unless they are found and stopped.
    It is not always possible to identify the location of the leak, especially when the leak is of the size of a pinhole. Utility location services (PVC and poly pipe investigation and underground tank investigation) uses state of the art technology of detecting water leaks named leak noise correlation. With the help of electronic and acoustic leak sounding devices underground utility location finds out the problem. Leak noise correlation system allows Utility Survey to help eliminate water leaks quick and efficiently for their clients.
    Water leaks cause severe damage to building or any such construction. So it is important to mend the leaks on an immediate basis.
    How to Choose Efficient Leak Detection Professionals?
    When you discover a water or sewer leak, you must call a professional who can provide fast, efficient service to reduce the cost for detection and repair. Excellence in the following services makes water leak detection professional a winner in the market:
    1.     Superior equipment to isolate the leak source quickly.
    2.     Detected source and origin report on every job.
    3.     Recorded video inspection of sewer line to verify pipeline integrity.
    4.     Behind wall leak detection and repairing without destruction.
    A team leak detection professionals should identify all types of concealed leaks including leaks in under concrete slabs and asphalt, basements, landscaping, irrigation systems and radiant heat systems.
    Conclusion: Leaks can be elusive and destructive. They cost huge loss of water and money every day. So the technicians use the most advanced non-invasive methods to locate and investigate hidden leaks accurately. The time-tested processes of leak detection and repair save resources, time, and money with no destruction to your property.