Are you concerned with finding underground PVC Pipes?
Is the worry even graver because pipes are made of plastic (PVC)?

Your worry is justified to an extent because l plastic pipelines cannot be detected by conventional underground pipe and cable locators.

However, acoustic water main detection technique can come to your rescue and make you worry free.

Acoustic water main detection in Melbourne and Geelong

It is an advanced technique to detect PVC Water pipes. Until this technology came into being, any problems in detecting underground pipes, cables and conduits remained undetectable by electromagnetic locators. PVC pipes, used to remain undetected even for over 20 years! Acoustic water main detection technique solves this issue with its simple-to-use acoustic pipe locator...

Benefits of using acoustic water main detection technology

They are more than one, and it is quite obvious. One of the greatest benefits is that its user friendliness makes it easy to operate. Users don't have to search for a proper place to attach acoustic sound detectors. Following are some other benefits:

  • Less expensive and easily accessible compared to other technologies
  • No need of radio frequency
  • Other industries that benefit from acoustic detection technology include natural gas pipelines, sewer lateral among others
  • Faster interpretation in minutes
  • Saves excavators huge time
  • Prevents damage in timely manner and keeps the globe safe


GeoScan's acoustic pipe detection services

A Victoria-based GeoScan Utility Location Service is an industry leader in offering a range of pipe detector services based on acoustic water main detection technology. We have essential accreditation, technical expertise, experience and communication skills to handle any type of clients.

We take pride in our focused approach in providing investigating services for underground utility, structural and geophysical activities.

Have a look at this page and you would know more about our services.

Why to hire GeoScan for acoustic detection services in Melbourne and Geelong

GeoScan uses latest acoustic pipe locator to provide underground utility investigations in Melbourne and Geelong. We have following specialties to offer:

  • Fully trained human resources
  • Knowledge of latest technologies prevalent in the industry
  • Latest equipments/leak detectors to implement that technology to achieve the desired results
  • Faster communication and par excellent customer care services
  • 24/7 emergency response service throughout Victoria, NSW, Tasmania and South Australia including Melbourne and Geelong
  • Economically, socially and legally sustainable solutions and advise for acoustic water main detection services


Give us a call right now and let us help you out of a difficult situation with regards to underground utilities.

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How it works?

Acoustic pipe locator transmits a mechanical pulse along a water service. A ground microphone listening device is attached to the equipment to track the water service path. This works brilliantly especially for non-metallic water services. It can be used in soil, grass, concrete or asphalt grounds. The listening device makes it easy to interpret the data, and hence gives a much-needed relief to clients.

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