Building Inspection

Are you planning to buy a new house?

Are you a builder/contractor planning to build a new construction?

Are you any government organization or an agency in search for a reliable, professional company that can undertake building inspection in Geelong and Melbourne?

If any of the questions are answered in YES, read on.

There are several stages of building inspection that consists of pre-purchase, during the construction and post-construction inspection.

Generally, pre-purchase inspection is about visual examination of those areas of the property that are easily accessible and visible. The major purpose of such inspection is to locate any serious structural issues in property. Such building inspection in Geelong and Melbourne may include:

  • Concrete floor inspection
  • Concrete wall inspection
  • Concrete ceiling inspection
  • Concrete slab inspection
  • Concrete beam inspection
  • Roof space
  • Building exterior
  • Building interior

Though, if you are a builder, the purpose of building inspection is quite different than a prospective owner may have. Hence, building inspection has many purposes for different people. For example, a builder may want to undertake building inspection in Geelong and Melbourne to make sure that the proposed site is suitable for the construction. Other reasons may include identifying any serious hazardous objects or material.

However, a prospective owner can have different reasons for building inspection in Geelong and Melbourne and hence can have different benefits as well. Major reasons and benefits of building inspection for home owners include:

  • Total reassurance of the suitability and appropriateness of the property in question
  • A good rapport with builder
  • Identification of problems and issues before construction
  • Clear understanding of the process to be undertaken to correct those troubling areas

GeoScan is an experienced and professional company that exactly knows various types of building inspection in Geelong and Melbourne. Following are some of the reasons why you should approach GeoScan for building inspection in Melbourne and Geelong areas:

  • Latest technology and equipment
  • Professionally trained and experienced staff
  • Enormous experience of working with some of the best clients in Australia
  • 24*7 emergency services
  • Prompt customer care service

Do not hesitate to call GeoScan NOW. We would take care of your building inspection in Geelong and Melbourne quite well.

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Building Inspection

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