Concrete Bridge Inspection

Each Australian state road authority has its own bridge inspection manual and methodology. The challenge therefore for any concrete bridge inspection service provider in Melbourne and Geelong is to have a clear understanding of all those requirements mandated by the specific state.

There are three types of concrete bridge inspection in Australia:

Level 1: This is visual and routine maintenance inspection. It aims to check the general condition of the structure especially keeping in mind safety of users and identify any probable issues.

Level 2: This is a detailed concrete bridge inspection that aims to analyze the condition of each element in a structure. It also intends to identify maintenance needs, model and predict changes in structure.

Level 3: This is rather an extensive bridge inspection that may involve physical materials and load testing. It may also include:

  • Structural analysis to assess the structural condition and behavior of the structure
  • Identification and quantification of the current and projected deterioration of the structure
  • Assessment of appropriate management options

Having said this, concrete bridge inspection in Geelong and Melbourne is not an easy a task. This is mainly because it is exposed to high risk working environments. Those environments include:

  • Remote locations
  • Under traffic
  • Confined spaces
  • Hazardous materials
  • Height, deep water, and the presence of dangerous wild life such as crocodiles and snakes.

GeoScan is an experienced and professional utility services provider that knows all these quite well. Following are the reasons why you should rely on GeoScan when it comes to concrete bridge inspection in Geelong and Melbourne:

  • We have trained and experienced engineers who are expert in both bridge design and inspection
  • We also know how to care for environment when it comes to concrete bridge inspection in Geelong and Melbourne
  • We have worked with some of the esteemed Australian state authorities
  • Our engineers are well-versed with inspection of all types of bridges including concrete, complex steel truss, heritage listed masonry and timber bridges
  • We also have latest equipments and accessories to carry out thorough concrete bridge inspection in Geelong and Melbourne.

Our services are commended by all our clients and our testimony page speaks of our work.

Call us right now for any type of bridge inspection of any level and see what GeoScan can do for you.




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