Concrete Footpath Inspection

As the ways to make a footpath have been evolved greatly in recent times, concrete is a preferred choice for almost all footpath makers in Australia. Hence, concrete footpath inspection too plays an important role in ensuring the safety and durability of the proposed footpath.

Following are some of the concrete available for making footpath:

  • Standard concrete
  • Colored concrete
  • Stamped concrete
  • Exposed concrete

Generally, government councils undertake the construction of footpath. However, it has to be actually constructed by a concretor, a landscaper or a handyman. And, before starting the construction of concrete footpath, a thorough concrete footpath inspection is needed by professional and experienced companies like GeoScan.

Let us have a look at the reasons why any proposed construction of footpath needs thorough inspection:

  • A site proposed for concrete pavement needs to be free of topsoil, vegetation, debris and other foreign matter
  • Poor, saturated or weak areas need to be replaced with proper sub-grade or road-based matter
  • This needs to be done to prevent settlement

These are some of the generic requirements that needed to be followed while constructing a new footpath. However, there are some highly technical things as well and GeoScan is in know of it. When we undertake through concrete footpath inspection in Geelong and Melbourne we take care of all the general and subtle requirements.

Apart from this, concrete footpath inspection is not only needed for newly proposed footpath construction. It is also needed for already constructed footpath. Following are some of the conditions that require concrete footpath inspection in Geelong and Melbourne:

  • Widespread cracking and lesser resistance due to drying shrinkage. This happens due to excessive water being added to concrete mix.
  • Worn out footpaths due to heavy traffic
  • Surface flaking due to rapid drying
  • Inadequate durability due to insufficient curing

If the cracks are wider than 1mm, they should be checked individually to find out their durability and strength. Since, footpath indeed is a serious matter in the civic society; you should not take it for granted.

With highly trained professionals and latest equipments, GeoScan is a reputed name in the industry.

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