Concrete Structural Inspection

Concrete structural inspection is a necessity for all the projects involving cutting, coring or drilling into concrete structures. It is all the more for Australian soil and its industries dealing with land and construction.

Let us have a look at how concrete structural inspection in Geelong and Melbourne area can go a long way in executing your project successfully:

  • It exactly identifies any type of object that may obstruct the proposed task : cutting, drilling or constructing
  • It also gives the accurate information regarding the depth and size of the object thereby saving time and money to remove it from the site
  • Makes you totally in control of your site

However, with the technology, the task of concrete structural inspection has indeed become easier. But, it still remains a task that must be undertaken by trained professional companies like GeoScan in Geelong and Melbourne.

Following are some of the latest techniques and methods that are being used by GeoScan to investigate your concrete structure in Geelong and Melbourne.

  • Use of latest ground penetrating radar application
  • Expertise in analyzing concrete, brick structures and thickness of asphalt layer
  • Use of high frequency antennas - 1.6 MHz and 2.3 MHz
  • These antennas have a depth penetration range of 300mm-400mm
  • Our concrete structural inspection in Geelong and Melbourne area is comprised of but not limited to floor slabs, suspended floor slab, walls ceilings, concrete roof beams, columns and tunnel structures

We have got specially designed equipments and antennas that can work inside the structure and gauge the exact thickness of concrete slab.

Since, we have worked with nationally renowned companies both private and the government, we exactly know what it takes to undertake concrete structural inspection. Major applications include:

  • Structural Steel (Rebar and Ligature Identification)
  • Post Tension cables (PT'S)
  • Pipes and Conduits (Services in Structures)
  • Live Electrical Wiring present in Structures
  • Heating Lines (Concrete Slab Heating)

If you are in search for a professional utility services company in Geelong and Melbourne to undertake concrete structural inspection for your ambitious project, give us a call right now.


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