Concrete Tunnel Inspection

Tunnels are difficult to construct and so are they difficult to maintain. The purpose of tunnels is often ambitious and hence demands a greater care in its design and construction. However, if it is poorly designed, the maintenance cost will obviously be higher.

It is therefore, recommended a regular concrete tunnel inspection to make it a safe and durable concrete infrastructure.

Based on the physical and operational circumstances, tunnels are constructed. Following are the types of tunnels:

  • Immersed tube for underwater crossings
  • Bored tunnels
  • Tunnels excavated through rock
  • Cast-in-situ in a waterway
  • Cut-and-cover at shallow depth

Since, the nature and design of the tunnels are different, concrete tunnel inspection too varies accordingly. GeoScan is well-equipped to handle all sorts of tunnels as our professionals thoroughly know the considerations provided by PIARC and NFPA publications. Some general design considerations are:

  • Grading
  • Drainage
  • Alignment
  • Operations (including emergency ingress and egress, and maintenance requirements)
  • Design Speed
  • Cross-section Elements
  • Ventilation
  • Structural requirements
  • Communications
  • Electrical requirements
  • Fire
  • Lighting

These are some of the recommendations that designers need to take into consideration while designing a durable tunnel. And, it is therefore required to undertake a thorough concrete tunnel inspection in Geelong and Melbourne by professional and experienced companies like GeoScan.

Following are the benefits to undertake concrete tunnel inspection in Geelong and Melbourne:

  • Gives you the idea of best operation procedures
  • Quickly identifies the risks, causes of possible failures and its consequences
  • Gives an idea to develop sound control systems to reduce minimum response time in emergency

At times, designers prefer to design tunnels that have concrete roofs and other structural components that may be thicker than average requirement. This is to make tunnels fire resistant. In that case, each structure needs to be examined individually. Structural considerations include:

  • Pavement wearing surface
  • Pavement design life
  • Structure design life
  • Waterproof membrane
  • Concrete and other cladding
  • Fire rating
  • Loading on roof

GeoScan tests all the materials in accordance with AS 1530.4.

Give us a call right now and we will take care of your concrete tunnel inspection in Geelong and Melbourne quite well.




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