Concrete Scanning Using GPR

At a time, when one needs to take into consideration which technique needs to be used for excavation or any other task of drilling or digging the earth, let us have a look at what exactly concrete/structural scanning stands for.

What is Concrete Scanning?

Any type of project that needs cutting, coring or drilling into concrete structures, may get benefited by the application of concrete scanning as it helps to obtain clearance for the project. It also helps identify safer areas for the drilling to be done on the surface.

Following are some of the examples of concrete scanning applications:

  • Structural Steel (Rebar and Ligature Identification)
  • Post Tension cables (PT'S)
  • Pipes and Conduits (Services in Structures)
  • Live Electrical Wiring present in Structures
  • Heating Lines (Concrete Slab Heating)
  • Concrete assessment and structural investigation, such as looking for voids and structural deterioration
  • Masonry Brick Work Investigation

GeoScan's expertise

Let us see how GeoScan can help you out in your need of concrete scanning in Melbourne, Geelong and Regional areas of Victoria.

  • GeoScan executes concrete scanning with its latest ground penetrating radar application
  • We use high frequency 1.6 MHz and 2.3 MHz Antennas
  • We can analyze concrete, brick structures and determine the thickness of asphalt layer
  • We can also penetrate deep into structures such as: floor slabs, suspended floor slab, walls ceilings, concrete roof beams, columns and tunnel structures

The antennas that GeoScan use have a depth penetration range of 300mm-400mm. These antennas are designed to work within a structure. They are also used to identify concrete slab thickness.

Why GeoScan?

While there are so many providers of concrete scanning or concrete X-ray in Melbourne and Geelong areas, that it is difficult to identify the best for your needs. Following are some of the reasons that you need to consider for choosing GeoScan as your provider of concrete scanning or concrete X-ray in Melbourne, Geelong and Regional areas of Victoria:

  • GeoScan has the adequate equipments and expertise to obtain identification and depth information structures
  • An ability to conduct a concrete scanning survey or mapping over larger areas
  • Our clients are assured of getting a comprehensive report, detailed findings including images indicating depths and spacing between structural objects
  • If necessary, we also provide AutoCAD and PDF drawings
  • Fully trained and accredited GPR technicians ready to assist you with any type of services or queries

Get in touch with us and see what we can do for your needs of concrete / structural scanning Melbourne, Geelong and Regional areas of Victoria.


How it works?

The most important objective of this concrete scanning application is to accurately locate structures or objects in concrete. It is a non-destructive technique (NDT) that saves time and money of the project executioners. It is also a cost-effective technique which does not need to undergo more conventional processes of hitting or cutting through live electrical wires, post tension cables, or any sort of service in the structure frame work.

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