Tower Inspection

A recent addition to the GeoScan Concrete GPR list of Job requests is for the scanning of cylindrical Structures such as phone towers and sporting light towers such as these have very tight rebar structure and so if any drilling works have to be applied to the structures, the client needs to know what access they can obtain, prior to commencing any works. Also it is very important to not disturb these structures as the rebar configuration is vital as support mechanisms ,When you consider the height and weight of these structures!

GeoScan uses a very high frequency 2.3 Mhz antenna to be precise to look into tower structures,this frequency enhances more image definition on structure like these to gain maximum clearance for the Client to be able to obtain structural clearance. Not all antennas are suitable for this type of works.

GeoScan has come up with a method to Track around cylindrical structures and maintain constant connection with structures in other words our antennas hug or conform with the structure.Recently geoscan with been engaged with clients to scan around Phone Tower structures,Sports ground lighting towers around regional Victoria,Any Masonary or concrete cylindrical structures are possible to Scan,We can even scan around a Lighthouse structure if requested.

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