Concrete Slab/Beam Inspection

Concrete slab/concrete beam is crucial part of any building. The slab derives its compressive strength from the concrete and flexibility from the steel. It is therefore very important that all the prescribed dimensions and layout need to be thoroughly inspected before going ahead with the construction.

However, the pre-construction is not the end of the story. Rather, the story begins just after that. Now-a-days, the issue of concrete cancer has been rampant in Australia. It originates deep inside the concrete in the form of rust stains or flaking.

When this happens, steel, with its inherent capacity to expand, stretches seven times its actual size, leading to the displacement of the surrounding concrete. This then pushes the concrete and more water gets in to the steel to expedite the process.

It is one of the major reasons why home owners or builders should regularly get their concrete slabs and concrete beams inspected. Concrete slab inspection in Geelong and Melbourne should be undertaken by professional companies such as GeoScan.

Following are some of the reasons to carry out thorough concrete slab inspection in Geelong and Melbourne:

  • To identify whether the reinforcing steel was treated poorly in the original pour of the slab
  • To determine whether there are any incompatible metals leading to reaction
  • To identify the fractures in the concrete

Broken concrete is a great health hazard. And, a thorough concrete inspection in Geelong and Melbourne by professional company like GeoScan can help you out in determining the exact cause of the deterioration and possible remedies.

Since, there are many such companies which provide concrete beam inspection in Geelong and Melbourne. However, there are some unique reasons why GeoScan should be your first choice for these services. Following are some of them:

  • Extensive knowledge of inspection of all underground and other utilities
  • Major accreditations
  • Ground penetrating application with high frequency 1.6 MHz and 2.3 MHz antennas
  • 24*7 emergency response service
  • Experience of working with some of the country's best reputed clients - both government and private

Do not delay the concrete slab inspection in your house. It is better to be alert and aware than to be late and miserable.

Contact GeoScan right now, and see what we can do for you.




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