Concrete Swimming Pool Inspection

First, let us give you the reasons why concrete swimming pool inspection is important to be carried out in Geelong and Melbourne.

  • Drowning is the biggest reasons of accidental death in Australia
  • Three out of four children under the age of five die due to drowning in the swimming pools and that too private ones
  • If left unchecked, swimming pools pose great health hazards threatening the well-being of the swimmers

It is because of these reasons in 1992, the State Government set up compulsory standards for pool security. By these standards, it is necessary to undertake concrete swimming pool inspection in Geelong and Melbourne for all private swimming pools.

However, given the nature of the job, it is not anybody's cup of tea. And, professional and experienced companies like GeoScan need to be approached to undertake this serious job.

Why to approach GeoScan for concrete swimming pool inspection?

The government has laid down some stringent requirements for private swimming pool owners to be followed. Some of them are:

  • A signed and detailed report by authorized engineers approving the structural integrity of the pool
  • Brochures and specifications of manufacturers for the pool or spa
  • A signed and detailed account regarding structural integrity of a second hand or concrete/brick pool
  • Provide the government with the details of location and security barriers

For all this, private swimming pool owners need to get the site checked with the latest concrete scanning techniques. GeoScan is one such professional company which has been in the business for a long and possesses some of the latest equipments to undertake thorough concrete swimming pool inspection in Geelong and Melbourne.

Following are some of the latest equipments that GeoScan uses to execute concrete scanning:

  • High frequency 1.6 MHz and 2.3 MHz Antennas
  • Antennas have a depth penetration range of 300mm-400mm
  • These antennas are specially designed to work within a structure ensuring a thorough inspection of your swimming pool
  • Fully trained and accredited professionals

Apart from getting private swimming pool owners smooth clearing of their proposed swimming pools, we also offer services for already established swimming pools both government and the private. Some of our esteemed clients also include government companies and organizations.

Give us a call right now and leave concrete swimming pool inspection in Geelong and Melbourne in our safe hands!

Concrete Swimming Pool Inspections

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