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Ground Penetrating Radar
Ground Penetrating Radar
Underground Pipe and Cable Location
Underground Pipe and Cable Location


  • Construction Industry
  • Local Government Authorities
  • Architects - Design Engineers
  • Universities and TAFEs
  • Hospitals
  • Geotechnical engineers
  • Surveyors
  • Petroleum Industry
  • Excavation and Trenching
  • Plumbing and Electrical
  • Road Authorities
  • Client Department of Justice
  • Fencing Contractors
  • Pipeline Laying Contractors
  • Landscaping and Irrigation Contractors
  • Arborists (Tree Surgeon)

featured projects

  • concrete-scanning-5
    The client, a Geotechnical Assessment company, requested a ground investigation to ascertain the location of a Basalt Rock Layer Escarpment. We were able to obtain Radar Images of the Basalt Layer and provide the client with a detailed report including radar imaging photos...
  • Project - Government Authority
    The client local government authority ..requested a location to find a Master control unit in a irrigation control valve box that was buried..The irrigation system had not been used for about 12 years and using ground penetrating radar imaging We were able to see the Valve box in the ground ,which was exposed and the irrigation system was able to be activated..This photo shows The ground penetrating radar with the markings of the located valve box in front...
  • Project - Government Authority
    Project - Government Authority
    The client an electrical company requested a fault find on a mains electrical cable supplying a tafe college.. The phases on the cable were tested and returned a complete down to earth reading, on one of the phases, which resulted in one of the main buildings at the college being without electricity (this building contained the computer/data set up for the college and played a crucial part of the campus administration and logistics set up)..It was vital to act asap in sourcing,where the underground fault or faults were...

    Upon conducted a fault find search,it was discovered that the existing electrical cable was running along side a building that was being constructed, next to the building that was without power supply and a star stake had been placed in the ground and had clipped the side of the cable, resulting in the power supply going out.. The cable itself was at a depth of 450mm-500mm approx:... It was very fortunate for the person involved that amazingly, they were not injured or worse and that due to the one phase being on the cable being put out, they were not aware of what had happen... Personally if that was me and I found out what had happened,I probably would have after,bought a lotto ticket...