As the world is rapidly growing in all spheres, it needs more advanced and sound technology to materialise its plans to achieve prosperity and freedom. Underground service detection is one such method that telecommunication companies/electricity companies/any branch of engineering need to take seriously. Underground cable fault finding exercise is necessary for those who may need to execute excavations or simply detect possible fault in an already functional service.

It is important to find an underground cable fault for these reasons:

  • It wastes electricity
  • Poses a terrible mishap
  • Unnecessarily rises the electricity bills
  • Poses a threat to environment leading to other health hazards
  • Costs more money
  • Disrupts all kinds of communication causing a vital disconnection leading to economic, social and personal damage

Underground cable fault finding

This is a unique method to locate and identify a cable fault along a service beneath the earth. Any excavation plan needs this in order to safely execute the project.. One of the most advanced techniques used by GeoScan in Geelong, is the use of underground cable detector.

GeoScan is equipped to handle multiple cable faults with its latest cable locators. We can help locate cable faults in Geelong exploiting underground cable fault finding method in following categories:

  • Telstra cables
  • Communication/Data cables
  • Low voltage electricity cables
  • High voltage cables
  • Irrigation cable systems

Benefits of availing underground cable fault finding services provided by GeoScan

GeoScan understands the importance of finding accurate information about the location of buried utilities. We have extensive experience to work with different types of clients, so we know how essential it is to use advanced underground services detection technology.

Following are some other major benefits of working with GeoScan:

  • Trained and experienced staff that use latest advanced cable locators in Geelong
  • Equipments that have integrated features so that human error can be reduced
  • With the decreased human error, there is an increase in site safety with underground services detection offered by GeoScan
  • Our expertise and our skills in providing underground cable fault finding services have made an apparently complex and difficult task quite easier

Call Victoria-based GeoScan Utility Location Service NOW and see how we can help you in your excavations or sight investigation projects by providing reliable underground cable fault finding detection services.

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How it works?

GeoScan uses advanced underground cable locator and pipes to trace the faulty service. This exercise helps obtain the relevant information about the service in question. That information includes the exact location of the fault, depth and size. Having obtained this information through underground cable fault finding method, a fault finder is used to locate the fault.

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