Metal detection is an overarching term containing many meanings and industries. Following are some of the industries for which metal detection is essential:

  • Irrigation repair business to detect buried wires, pipes and even buried valve boxes
  • Mining industry to detect land mines
  • Security business at airport, schools, government agencies to detect weapons such as knives or guns
  • Construction industry to detect steel reinforcing bars in concrete and pipes as well as wires buried in walls and floors
  • Food industry to detect contamination in food by any type of metal - ferrous metal or non-ferrous metals from broken processing machinery at the time of manufacturing
  • Apparel industry too needs metal detectors to detect broken needles when garments are packed for security reasons

How GeoScan leverages metal detection technology?

GeoScan uses metal detection technology to detect both ferrous metal and non-ferrous metals. When we use metal detectors to detect ferrous metal, it is generally used as part of the pipe and cable location process. During this process, the purpose is to locate steel, cast iron and galvanised pipes.

Apart from these, metal detectors can also locate:

  • Buried utility valve box covers
  • Buried irrigation valve box covers
  • Buried stop taps
  • Buried meter services
  • Buried pit lid covers (metal or concrete covers)
  • Underground metallic storage tanks.

We can also mark out the perimeter size of an underground storage tank.

Your reasons to hire GeoScan underground services for metal detection

One of the most important reasons to hire GeoScan's underground services for metal detection in Geelong and Melbourne is that we use the advanced technology and advanced equipments.

Our metal detectors can:

  • Detect the perimeter size of an underground storage tank
  • Our equipments do not interfere in the functions of other utilities or reception of signals from TV antennas
  • We have years of experience and trained human resources to carry out metal detection flawlessly
  • Loyal and esteemed clients such as Local Government Authorities, Pipeline laying contractors, Landscaping and Irrigation Contractors among others
  • So many important and prestigious accreditations such as Australian petroleum industries accreditation, OH&S company representative accredited, First aid level two among others.

call us now and take full advantage of our advanced metal detection technology to detect both ferrous/non-ferrous metals.

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How it works?

The metal detection technology at its basic level is very simple. One has to turn on the unit and move slowly over the targeted area. Generally, a coil is swept back and forth over the focused area. If your metal detector comes across the targeted object, it gives an audible signal. If you are using advanced metal detectors, they can even obtain information such as type of metal, its depth in the ground and size. Generally, metal detectors run on one of the following technologies:

  • Very low frequency (VLF)
  • Pulse induction (PI)
  • Beat-frequency oscillation (BFO)

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