Underground Pipe and Cable Location in Geelong

So, you are heading for excavation to detect underground services, metal object or any other material..

Wouldn't it be smoother,if you exactly know where to dig?

It certainly would be..

With the advanced underground pipe and cable locators, ways of utility location services have become even easier and accessible.

Following are some of the areas where the use of advanced underground pipe and cable locators by professionals such as GeoScan can be greatly effective:

  • Domestic water services
  • Fire services
  • Gas networks
  • Electrical networks - both high and low voltage
  • Telecommunications
  • Storm water
  • Sewer or drainage conduits

Utility location services also include metal detection. At times, clay, PVC or concrete techniques are used for leak or metal detection. But, when these conventional methods do not work, advanced underground pipe and cable locators as used by GeoScan should be considered. Such advanced cable locators help excavate objects without any destruction to adjacent services or utilities.

GeoScan's utility location services

At GeoScan we use the latest tools such as underground pipe and cable locators for all types of pipes and conduits. We can also detect non metallic services such as drainage, sewer or even empty conduits with the use of flexible tracer rods.

How our cable locators work?

While dealing with detection of non-metallic services such as drainage, sewer or even empty conduits, we use flexible tracer rods. As the rods are inserted into the ducts, an electromagnetic signal is induced along that rod that facilitates exact utility location.

At times, a sonde too can be attached at the end of a tracer rod. In this method, inducing electromagnetic signal is eliminated. This method is effective especially in locating blockages or junctions of the conduit and its end.


With our underground pipe and cable location equipment, we have a built in mapping system in our locators, that communicates with our GIS survey system, which then via bluetooth link supplies all the relevant information of the services scanned during a project, which is then put into a survey drawing in a DXF/PDF format, detailing information on the services scanned such as GPS position, recorded depths, frequencies and date & time of scan.

Please find below a utility mapping drawing that was conducted by GeoScan :-

Underground Utility Servey Mapping

Why to hire GeoScan's utility location services?

Technical expertise and experience should be your top considerations to hire any utility location services including GeoScan.

Following are some points to consider with regards to GeoScan's technical expertise and experience:

  • A wide range of advanced underground pipe and cable locators
  • Trained professional staff to handle all these advanced cable locators
  • Years of experience in working with esteemed clients such as City of Greater Geelong, Surfcoast Shire Council, Parks Victoria,Vic Roads,Justice department..
  • Apart from detection of utility services, GeoScan's utility location services can also be used in rather unconventional areas such as forensic investigations, geophysical feature investigation, archeological investigation, road and footpath assessing investigation and structural investigation such as concrete scanning

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How it work?

GeoScan employs a wide range of underground pipe and cable locators. Depending upon the nature of excavation, we use these cable locators. In metal detection, the basic method involves inducing an electromagnetic signal to trace the path of the targeted service. With this, we can obtain information regarding the depth and size of that service.

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