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    When is Dial before You Dig (DBYD) Report Required?

    When is Dial before You Dig (DBYD) Report Required?

    Warmer weather is the perfect time for outdoor work! Every year, many homeowners and contractors work towards property improvement or excavation projects. But do you know 40% of them risk hitting an underground utility while they are digging? Damaging a utility line cannot only help you be responsible for any damage caused to them but can also result in serious injury. This risk can easily be eliminated by contacting Dial Before You Dig!

    But do you know what exactly Dial Before You Dig is? Why and when do you need to call them? And what is the DBYD report? If not, don't worry! All your questions will be answered here!

    Introduction to Dial Before You Dig:

    You are planning to undertake an excavation project but are you aware of where exactly the utilities are installed underneath your property and its depth? If not, Dial Before You Dig reports are all you need!

    Dial Before You Dig works as a single point of contact to which you can request any data about the underground utility infrastructure including pipe and cable location and other utilities at your excavation site, without needing to contact the utility organizations separately. The service was introduced to not only protect the underground pipe and cables but also ensure the safety of the people working on the site.

    You Need a DBYD Report to Protect Yourself and Your Pocket!

    DBYDImagine, while digging down, you accidentally hit an electrical cable. We don't need to tell you about the end result, right? For another instance, suppose during excavation you hit a gas line, the entire area will be infected by gas, which may result in long-term diseases and other casualties.

    These all accidents result in paying hefty prices from your pocket as well!

    Who Needs Dial Before You Dig Report?

    The answer is simple - anyone who is planning to perform excavation in near future needs a DBYD report!

    • Homeowners:

      Most utilities are buried deeper than you'll ever need to dig! However, it's still worth considering having a DBYD report! It is completely free, plus it can fill you in with lots of important information like underground pipe location and cable location and other utilities, which will help you avoid costly errors!

    • Farmers:

      If you are planning to build a new septic tank or planning to dig out a farm dam or need to expand, you need to know what lies underneath and that's where this report can help!

    • Builders and Landscapers:

      Many construction jobs involve landscaping as well which will need digging the property. As part of the process, it's critical to know the data of the underground utility and pipe and cable location. If failed, it can take a serious hit on your reputation!

    • Tradies:

      Often the renovation or maintenance work comes with the need for digging. Whether a plumber needs to repair an underground pipe or an electrician needs to replace an underground electrical cable. You first need to know the cable and pipe location to execute the work.

    Underground utility locating services

    In addition, the Dial Before You Dig report is also required by excavation companies, councils, contractors, network maintenance workers and more! Before you start digging, it is crucial to ensure that you don't end up causing any unintended damage to underground utilities.

    Dial Before You Dig Report - What It is Not?

    Usually, a DBYD report consists of:

    • The types of utilities located underneath
    • The name and contact details of the utility owner
    • Your course of action and responsibilities

    It also includes a few diagrams, utility maps and drawings, but are provided by a utility operator and not from DBYD. Every time, your request for any information regarding the utilities are forwarded to the utility operator and they'll provide all the details including their depth and location.

    In some circumstances, you may still need to arrange an on-site inspection with the utility owner.

    Remember, It Doesn't Cover Any Utilities Covered During Renovations!

    You need to know that the DBYD report only limits utilities and nothing else. Meaning, it will include sewers, electricity mains, water mains, etc.

    It won't include renovation work which you got done previously! For example, you might be having a gas line connected to your barbeque or extra wiring for your pool pump or pipe to supply water to your garden tap, all of these won't be a part of your DBYD report.

    The best approach will be to preserve all the documents and drawings you have for any work you have undertaken recently. If you don’t have any, please connect with your plumber, electrician or builder you have hired!

    Dial Before You Dig in Victoria!

    Water Pipes DetectionWhen you are unsure of what’s underneath your property, get in touch with us for an accurate DBYD report before conducting any excavation project.

    An honest piece of advice is never to assume that as there's a rock or tree in your vicinity, there won't be any utilities underneath! There's no way to assure the pipe and cable location, their path or the depth they are buried at!

    Dial Before You Dig is the one and only way to know that!

    We, at GeoScan Utility & Structural Investigation, have strong connections with utility owners, operators and councils, we can speed up the process to get you all the information in the minimum possible time! We can also arrange maps and diagrams for you.

    This reduces your waiting period between getting the reports and actually starting the digging process!


    Prevention is key to reducing damage caused to underground utility infrastructure during an excavation! We are an authorised Dial Before You Dig locator and can help make this a reality!


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