Utility Services in Geelong

A Victoria-based company, GeoScan is a nationally accredited company that offers specialised services in underground utility, structural and geophysical investigation.

Let us have a cursory look at the services offered by GeoScan in Geelong.

Underground Cable Fault Detection

Underground services detection is a method that is most needed by the telecommunication, electricity and other branch of engineering companies. This method is exploited by these companies when they want to identify possible fault in the functional services meted out to their customers or for starting a new excavation.

GeoScan uses latest underground cable locators to help locate cable faults in Geelong exploiting underground cable fault finding method in Telstra cables; Communication/Data cables; Low voltage electricity cables, High voltage cables; Irrigation cable systems. Read More...

Metal Detection

Detecting metal involve broad spectrum of industries as well as purposes including but not limited to irrigation repair business; mining industry; security business at airport, government agencies; mining industry; construction industry, food industry; apparel industry etc...

The trained staff at GeoScan endeavors to detect both ferrous and non-ferrous metals in Geelong. The detection of ferrous metal is aimed at locating steel, cast iron and galvanized pipes. Our metal detectors can also locate buried utility valve box covers; buried irrigation valve box covers; buried stop taps; buried meter services; buried pit lid covers (metal or concrete covers); underground metallic storage tanks etc... Read More...

Ground Penetrating Radar Imaging

The purpose of this activity is to identify any underground activity and image objects, changes, voids or cracks. Ground penetrating radar technique is mostly beneficial to engineering, geology, environmental studies including archaeology.

GeoScan owns the advanced equipment to facilitate electronic depth readings so that the technique of ground penetrating radar imaging can be exploited to its fullest in the areas of Geelong. Our equipments are operated by electromagnetic signals and omit the lowest milliamp signals causing no harm to the nearby places. Read More...

Underground Pipe and Cable Location

Utility location services in Geelong by GeoScan are comprised of detecting metals in areas such as: domestic water services; fire services; gas networks; electrical networks for both high and low voltage; telecommunication; storm water; sewer or drainage conduits.

GeoScan makes sure that all works of locating pipes and conduits in Geelong are conducted with the latest tools such as underground pipe and cable locators. GeoScan also uses flexible racer rods to detect non-metallic services such as drainage, sewer or even empty conduits with the use of flexible tracer rods. Read More...

These are some of the services offered by GeoScan Utility Location Service in Geelong.

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GeoScan - Utility Services

Site survey and drafting

Very often clients require the record of the underground objects identification process. This is because it helps to take important structural and administrative decisions regarding the project. GeoScan's site survey and drafting services address these needs quite efficiently and professionally. With the use of Auto CAD (DWG) version drawings, we provide our clients with particular underground services drawings. These drawings reflect locations of all underground services, approximate depths and offsets as required. GeoScan also facilitates PDF versions of the Auto CAD version of the drawings. Read More...