• 19Jul2019

    3 Important Steps for Conducting Underground Pipe Location

    3 Important Steps for Conducting Underground Pipe Location

    Excavation or digging is one of the most essential parts of not only construction projects but also of the installation and maintenance of the underground utilities.

    Unfortunately, every time ground is excavated there is a risk of damaging underground utilities. This damage is not only dangerous and expensive, but also causes serious impact on the reputation of the company. That's the reason why utility location service has become one of the most essential activities before commencing construction or excavation.

    It represents the pre-work that helps to determine the underground pipe location and everything related to it. Failure to do so can make digging activity extremely dangerous by putting vulnerable utility lines at risk. This also results in project delays and possible injuries. Moreover, it may even lead you to legal issues for interrupting the basic services to the community.

    Excavators and project managers need to take extra steps while locating underground pipe location. One of the best ways to do this is hiring professional utility location services. Listed below are the well-established steps that you need to perform to ensure safe excavation and digging. Let's take a look:

    • Acquire the Latest Data About the Underground Utilities

      Don't rely on the existing markings and historical records. They might be already outdated and making assumptions of pipe location based on it can lead to hazardous outcomes. To ensure the safety of yourself and your crew, you need to collect the most recent and updated information.

      Hire the professional providers of utility location services. They use the latest equipment based on radar and electromagnetic technologies. This equipment provides you with the most accurate, recent and reliable data, saving you from making assumptions.

      Having accurate data related to underground pipe location ensure safe digging while minimizing risks associated with it.

    • Train Your Crew

      There are the chances that an electric cable or a gas pipe is hidden under the dirt. In case, if the crew member accidentally hits this pipe, it may lead to severe damage and injury.Thus, it's highly recommended to inform your crew and make them aware of the risks.

      In order to proceed safely, your entire team should be equipped with the latest and updated information (including new markings and utility maps). This will ensure that they remain safe and conscious while digging, whilst avoiding accidentally damaging the underground pipes and cables.

    • Authenticate the Location of the Buried Utilities

      The key to accurate utility mapping is constant verification. Professional utility mapping services always utilize complementary underground pipe location methods.

      For instance, combining both electromagnetic and radar methods can help you get accurate data about the underground pipe location. They will also perform a test to ensure accuracy.

    Final Takeaway

    Damaging underground pipes and cables can be a serious and expensive problem. Focusing on the above-mentioned steps of locating underground pipes in Geelong can significantly reduce the risk of harm and damage. This will also allow driving the finest practices of excavation into the business while resulting in lessened utility hits.


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