• 06Apr2018

    Basic Traits of a Utility Locator: Anatomy and Beyond

    Basic Traits of a Utility Locator: Anatomy and Beyond

    Locating underground utilities and underground utility mapping is a tough job. Before developing a property or building a commercial space, it is very important to call for professional services in order to clear up the underground space prior to construction. It takes skills to locate underground objects.

    In order to be a skilled utility locator, it is very important to go through rigorous training. Not all traits can be taught; it should be developed. Professional training organizations spend ample time to train and hone the skills of utility locators to prepare them for real-life jobs.

    Traits and Skills

    When put to test, the role of a utility locator exceeds beyond the job description. There are great range of concepts which takes time to learn and master. Nevertheless, there are some common traits to look for are:

    • Confidence Level

      A utility locator works in various locations and terrains, often solo.It is largely important to be proactive and willing to take up this role and deliver responsible results.

      For instance, when working at a property development site, the role of underground utility mapping services is vast - from detecting sewer lines to cables and metallic objects to broken utilities, it is a demanding job.

    • Technical Expertise

      Location equipment is always changing. Much new and advanced equipment are launched to match up to the progressive and ever-changing nature of the industry. So, a utility locator is responsible for using a wide range of sophisticated and highly technical electronic equipment to locate utilities and detect underground objects, which includes communication equipment too.

    • Accountability

      It is essential to hire a professional for utility location who is well versed with the latest trends and technologies to deal with difficult situations.

    • Attentiveness

      A utility locator is responsible for preparing reports, documentation, utility plans, and property plans. You should understand everything and follow minute details. Be thorough in detection and with visual inspections before locating, marking, and documentation.

    • Being Aware about the Space

      It is very important to have awareness in this field. You must understand the relationship of various objects with the position and changes taking place. The more organized you are, the better accuracy you achieve at work.

    • Willingness to Learn

      Be humble and willing to acquire new skills and knowledge. As the existing laws, policies, standards, and technologies are changing constantly, detecting and locating buried underground utilities requires precision and finesse. Hone your skills to perform better.

    • Being Reasonable

      Since the field involves a complicated area of service, it is very important to be sensible and reasonable at all times. You should have an attitude to solve any small and big issue on-site. Take judgment calls when needed and be prepared to take immediate decisions on demand. Identify problems and offer quick solutions when locating underground utilities or mapping.

    • Entrepreneurship

      It is very important for a locator to possess commercial and entrepreneurship skills. Since this is not a desk or office job, you have to face many challenges and take pride in the work you do.


    Be a realistic utility locator with humility and pride. The job is definitely stressful and difficult, but not when you know when to stop.


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