• 17Dec2016

    Benefits of Choosing Structure Ground Penetrating Radar Investigation for Your Project

    Benefits of Choosing Structure Ground Penetrating Radar Investigation for Your Project

    Ground penetrating radar system uses an excellent technology to reduce environmental investigation zone by locating the pre-existing underground storage tank. Before you begin a project, it is very important to deploy structure ground penetrating radar investigation to avoid obstacles.

    GPR is a major breakthrough in ground investigation used for scanning, detection, and locating underground objects.

    Reasons to Choose Ground Penetrating Radar

    #1: To Maintain Project Schedule and Delivery Time

    GPR SystemEvery project begins with a preset time frame of delivery. With structure ground penetrating radar investigation, contractors can meet their schedule easily. Earlier, contractors had to struggle for days, make changes to the schedule, revise the entire schedule, and inform clients in case of underground obstacles.

    Unpredictable or unforeseen busters are a risk factor. Fortunately, an efficient GPR technician can now eradicate the possibilities of the unforeseen. Thus, you can maintain timely delivery.

    #2: On Budget

    Any disruption can affect the budget of a project too. For instance, if there are unforeseen pillars, sewerage materials or stones underneath, it can have a massive impact on the cost. It would then become necessary to repair the utility underneath before progressing further. The overall profitability of the entire project is hit.

    GPR can provide unforeseen cost savings by locating fibre optic lines even before starting a project. It can even detect power feed located under the concrete to ensure zero downtime.

    #3: Provides Relevant Information and Knowledge

    Ground investigation, and the GPR system, is informative too. It has been widely used to minimize investigation hassles, locate sanitary and sewer lines, and repairs accordingly. Proper use of GPR system ensures that you can read the field markings and other communication lines. GPR can put field findings onto paper, in the form of sketches, CAD files and using 3D laser scanning techniques.

    #4: Risk Mitigation

    When all the aforementioned factors are addressed, it obviously ensures that the risk factors are mitigated. Ultimately, when there’s a methodical procedure involved, it limits exposure to unpredictable risks as well.

    #5: For Safety

    Structure ground penetrating radar investigation is the safest way to ensure that the entire project is delivered as per schedule and budget. It also ensures safety of workers, contractors, and tradesmen involved. Over the last few decades, GPR investigation by trained GPR technician has been strongly propagated by experts because of the safety factor.

    In fact, having ground investigation conducted by a certified GPR technician is considered a commitment to safety.


    Overall, ground penetrating radar investigation is an assurance. It ensures non-destructive testing prior to a project. It defines the problematic area much ahead of time by identifying sub-surface utilities. It reduces cost and risks too. In addition, GPR system ensures quality of a structure you are planning to build.

    For instance, the technology used for GPR can determine whether or not the concrete slabs were built as per specifications and placed as per the proposed design plan.


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