• 24Aug2017

    Importance of Hiring a Cable and Pipe Locating Service

    Importance of Hiring a Cable and Pipe Locating Service

    The need of locating important pipes and cables on the construction location beforehand is indispensable. There is a possibility of exposing an important network of underground pipes in case you start digging in the wrong location. There are several methods with which you can detect the presence of these underground network of pipes.

    While you are using one of these methods for detection of underground services, you should make sure to look out for these pipes and cables.

    Important Underground Networks of Pipes and Cables

    • Gas Services

      Location of gas pipes carries the utmost importance in scanning the ground for cables and other pipes for utilities. Even a minor leak in the gas pipes while carrying out the construction can result in a catastrophe if not controlled at a primitive stage.

    • Electricity Services

      Several locations contain deep running underground electric cables that are often left uninsulated. In the event of cutting or slicing one of these cables, the machines and workforce around the area are left exposed to a very high voltage of current. With scanning and detection tools, you can easily locate these pipes and work your construction base around them.

    • Petroleum or Oil Pipelines

      Government regulations are very strict on construction norms around national petroleum and oil pipelines. It is wise to locate these pipes using some means of non-destructive scanning technology to avoid losses worth millions of dollars. If you mistakenly tap into one of these pipelines, you may have to pay a hefty fine to the government.

    • Water Pipes and Sewers

      Damage to water pipes and sewers is the most common kind of damage that occurs in underground construction because they are hard to detect. However, by using highly advanced detection tools, it is possible to work your way around these pipes to avoid water losses and risk of heavy damages to the equipment due to high-pressure lines.

    It is easy to build a fine blueprint of the underground network of pipes and cables using non-destructive ranging and detection services. Once you have the map in your hands, you can initiate the construction without the fear of damaging a vital cable or without constructing too near to an underground pipe.


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